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Ways to Review and Edit Notes

Ways to Review and Edit Notes

  1. Read your notes within two hours or less of taking them.
  2. Attempt to paraphrase each important point that the instructor made in the lecture.  If you have not idea how to do this, talk to the experts at the Learning Resource Center, "LRC", or read a good resource about this on the Internet.
  3. Try to outline the contents of the lecture, or use another of many approaches described on study-skills pages available on the Internet.
  4. Make a list of all of the important or key words.  Keep that list at the front or back pages of your notebook for each course so you can reference it easily.
  5. After reading your notes, write three possible exam questions for each lecture.  This may not seem particularly easy, at first, but after the first exam or two, you will start to get proficient at it.
  6. Keep a second notebook to keep a summary of each lecture.
  7. Keep an audio tape journal of your progress in each course.  Start the recorder when you are reviewing your notes and talk about what you think were the important points in that day's lecture.  Later, listen to the notes you narrated.

from the CCA Office of Student Life

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