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Pre-Assessment English/Reading Review

Ways to prepare for the Accuplacer Sentence Skills and Reading Comprehension placement tests:


Attend a free two hour workshop.

Registration is not required.
If you have an S#, bring it for sign in.
Arrive early because the presenter will start on time.
The presenter will not be able to cover missed material for attendees who are late.
Attendees more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted.
No Children Allowed.

 Sessions for Summer registration will begin in April.  Check back later for schedule.      

Printable workshop flyer. 


Utilize these self study options:

Reading Comprehension Power Point

Sentence Skills Power Point

Basic Sentence Structure Worksheet

Parts of Speech Worksheet

Dependent/Independent Clauses and Subordination/Coordination Worksheet

Compound, Complex, and Compound-Complex Sentences Worksheet

Run-ons and Commas Worksheet

Verb Tenses Worksheet

Parallel Structure Worksheet

Singular and Plural Worksheet

Active and Passive Voice Worksheet



 If you have questions regarding the workshops, contact Patti Molai at 303-340-7536 or

Discover more information about the Accuplacer. 

Accuplacer Assessment Location and Schedule

Pre-Assessment Math Review 


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