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Pre-Assessment Math Review

Pre-Assessment Math Review


Ways to prepare for the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra:

Watch the Online Math Pre-Assessment Workshop Video.


Online Math Pre-Assessment Workshop Video:


We've prepared an online mathematics pre-assessment workshop video you can watch at the convenience of your own computer. The files are sizeable, so users on slower connections may prefer to download the entire workshop in one zip file (100 megabytes; 4-7 hrs on a dial-up connection, 2-24 mins on broadband) instead of viewing them here.


Section 1 - Order of Operations

Section 2 - Using Substitution to Evaluate an Expression

Section 3 - Fractions 

Section 4 - Polynomials 

Section 5 - Factoring Polynomials 

Section 6 - Solving Linear Equations

Section 7 - Solving Linear Equations for a Specific Variable 

Section 8 - Using a Formula 


If you have questions, contact Patti Molai at 303-340-7536 or


If you are deaf or hard of hearing and would like to have this information interpreted for you, please contact the Office of Disability and Equity at 303.361.7395 V/TDD/VP to schedule an interpreter.

Accuplacer Assessment Location and Schedule

Pre-Assessment English/Reading Review





Attend a free two-hour workshop. Dates for upcoming workshops will be scheduled in late October.


 Monday, Nov. 12  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm  CentreTech, Classroom bldg., C107  Mike Pfaff
 Monday, Jan. 14  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm  Lowry, West Quad, 109  Mike Pfaff
 Friday, Jan. 18  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  CentreTech, Classroom bldg., C301  Mike Pfaff



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