Private Tutor List

This list, accessible by clicking on the link below, has been compiled for Community College of Aurora (CCA) students who would like to hire a private tutor. CCA students are hereby notified that they will be responsible for all costs associated with the tutor services provided. CCA does not endorse or vouch for the qualifications of the tutors listed in this document. The tutors listed in this document are not employed by CCA and do not have any agency relationship with CCA. CCA is not responsible for the actions or behaviors of the tutors listed in this document. This list has only been provided as a courtesy to CCA students. CCA students are free to choose a tutor not listed in this document. It is advised that students and tutors meet at a public location. Tutors and students may meet in open student areas on CCA’s two campuses, but tutors and students cannot use CCA facilities and equipment for private tutoring activities.





If you would like to be added to the Private Tutor List, please access the Private Tutor Form that follows.  Complete it and return as instructed on the form.  Private Tutor Form

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