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Transfer Success Office

Start at CCA, Finish at your Four-Year University  

More than 80% of CCA’s students indicate that they are interested in transferring. Unfortunately, fewer than 10% actually do. CCA is committed to improving the information that students receive regarding transfer and to ensuring that our students have a clear and achievable path to transfer to their four-year institution. Whether you are already on track to transfer to a four-year institution or just beginning to consider transferring, CCA is dedicated to helping all students achieve their goals.  

The Transfer Process

Start early! It's never too early to think about your transfer plans. Developing a plan early on in your education provides you with the information needed to have a smooth and successful transfer.   

Utilize the timeline below to keep you on track with your transfer goals based on how  many credit hours you have earned.

0 - 29 Credit Hours:

  • Think about you interests and academic and career goals. The more you know about yourself the easier your pathway to transfer will be.
  • Meet with an academic advisor to help you determine your degree plan and determine what classes to take.
  • Work with the Student Career Resources office to explore careers that relate to your interests, skills, and degree.
  • Start researching your major and degree options at your chosen four-year university.
  • Attend one of CCA's Transfer Fairs to connect university representatives and gather information on several different institutions. 
  • You can also regularly check your degree plan on your own. Visit MYCCA - DegreeCheck
  • Take advantage of various transfer programs and meet one-on-one with university representatives from the institutions you are interested in. 

30 - 44 Credit Hours:

  • Continue to check in with an academic advisor. Verify your credits to ensure you are on track.
  • Visit your four-year university to gather the information you need to transfer. Visiting the campus is beneficial because nothing will give you a better sense of what a school is like than seeing it for yourself. 
  • File your FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st.  If you have questions about financial aid, be sure to visit the Financial Aid Office.
  • Complete the admissions applications to the institutions of your choice. Make sure that each application is completely filled out, is on time, and that you include all required materials, including transcripts, letters of recommendation and application fees.

45+ Credit Hours: 

  • Research and apply to scholarships that will pay for your education while at your four-year university.
  • Make yourself aware of all deadlines for deposits, registration forms and other materials at your four-year university and get them in on time.
  • Be sure to take advantage of your four-year university's orientation and other opportunities for transfer students. Meeting other transfer students and becoming familiar with your campus will greatly assist with your transition into your new university. 






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