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Remote Assessment for New Students

To take the Accuplacer Test, please complete the following form: Do I Meet the Assessment Requirement?    

This form will help us determine if you meet the assessment requirement, based on prior course work and/or test scores. We will send a follow-up email with instructions for remote testing, if needed, and after we receive your form submission.

Remote Accuplacer Requirements

The Next-Generation Accuplacer measures students' skill-levels in English and Math to determine course placement.

If English is your second language and you would like to improve upon those basic skills, you may choose to take the, English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test, instead of the English Accuplacer test. The ESL Accuplacer test places students into ESL courses at CCA. 

Requirements for remote testing:

      1. A computer (desktop or laptop), with a webcam 

      2. Internet access

      3. A valid photo ID, (please see acceptable forms of identification below)

      4. An isolated room

Before your testing appointment: 

  1. Install the Webex Desktop App at: https://www.webex.com/downloads.html/

  1. To check if Webex was set up correctly, click here: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html/ . (Use the option to join with video.)

  1. Verify that your computer meets the System Requirements at: Visit Accuplacer's website and click on "Verify System," on the bottom right-hand corner of the window. 

Format of Test

The Accuplacer is an untimed, multiple choice, computer-based test that usually takes students about 1.25-hours to complete per section. Calculators are embedded in the math section(s) for certain questions. Handheld calculators are not allowed. 

The test includes:

English & Mathematics

What Test Do I Need To Take?

The CCA Testing Center recommends only taking the math section you need for you program of study. Click on your Pathway below to determine what math section you need before scheduling your testing appointment.

ID Requirement 

Acceptable forms of photo identification include current and valid:

  • Driver's license 
  • State-approved or federal ID
  • Military ID
  • College ID
  • High school ID
  • Middle school ID
  • Passport 
  • Tribal ID
  • Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship 
  • College Board Test Taker ID Form


During this time of crisis, we are currently offering the remote Accuplacer placement test free of charge. The test is typically $5 per section and attempt. 

Retest Policy

It is important to do your best when taking the test.

Students may retest after a minimum of 3 days (2 weeks recommended) and take each section twice in a three year period. It is strongly advised to prepare for your test, as you will have limited retest options. 

Study Resources 

Be prepared to succeed on your college placement test!

The possibilities for retesting are limited, and your Accuplacer test results will have a great time and financial impact on your education. There are many ways to prepare for your test.

Accuplacer Study Workbook

The Accuplacer Study Workbook is filled with practice problems, similar to what you'll see on the actual test.

Pick up a free copy at the CentreTech or Lowry Testing Centers, Admissions, the Welcome Desk, Advising, or access the electronic versions of the study workbooks by clicking the links below. This is a great tool to refresh your math and English skills.  

Online Resources


We kindly request that persons who require reasonable accommodations contact the Office of Disability and Equity with questions or to request accommodations: ODE@ccaurora.edu 303-340-7548

*Please note that the CCA testing center has put together these resources for you as a courtesy. Because websites change frequently, some of these links may not work, and some of the tests may not functions. We encourage you to alert us in this case, however, we do not accept responsibility for the functionality of the following resources.


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